Coffee in India is grown in one of the world’s rainiest inhabited region that receives 2,500 to 4,000 mm rainfall spread over 100 days, followed by more than 100 days of the continuous dry period. Indian coffee is grown under a thick natural shade. The coffee plantations in India are one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots of the world and is home to a large diversity of butterflies (331 species), amphibians (121 species), reptiles (157 species), birds (508 species) and mammals (120 species), and is flanked by orchids and a large number of medicinal and aromatic plants.

India is the sixth-largest coffee producer and the third-largest in Asia. India exports coffee to over 45 countries and over 50 percent of Indian exports in 2013-14 is to Europe. Italy is the largest market importing more than 25 percent from India, followed by Germany, Belgium, Turkey, and the Russian Federations.


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