Tea exports show continued momentum in Q1, 2015-16

August 20, 2016

Tea exports from India reached 42.06 million kg during April-June, 2016, a growth of 2.56% year-on-year. In value terms, the performance was even better – exports rose by 14% year-on-year to reach Rs 856.57 crore during the same quarter.

This performance is indicative of continued momentum in exports of tea. During 2015-16, tea exports reached 232.92 million kg, a growth of 17% year on year. In value terms, exports were recorded at US$ 686.67 million, growing by 9.7% year on year.

Per unit realization of tea has also shown marked improvement during the quarter. At Rs 203.65 per kg, per unit realization reached a growth of 11.14% year-on-year. The results show the positive impact of efforts taken by the Tea Board towards the promotion of tea. Key markets include the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Iran, UK, and Pakistan.

Besides exports, the Tea Board has intensified promotional efforts in domestic markets. It has taken up exhibition space in the 4th World Tea & Coffee Expo 2016 in Mumbai during October 20-22. The local promotion campaigns are targeted at promoting tea in rural India as well as the increasingly affluent middle-class youth in urban centers. While India is the largest producer and consumer of black tea, it’s per capita consumption is only around 0.73 kg (ranked 43rd globally), which is indicative of the enormous potential yet to be explored.