Tea Board to take its grading system to all tea gardens in India

July 31, 2016

Tea Board has embarked on a significant initiative towards grading and supporting all the 1,421 tea gardens in the country. This will lead to a ranking system of these tea gardens and also efforts to support low-ranking gardens through better management practices and measures to improve output.

The grading will be done through a thorough scanning and auditing of infrastructure and human resource conditions. It will include parameters like scientific management, replantation, rejuvenation, quality agricultural practices, and worker conditions, as quoted by Tea Board Chairman Mr. Santosh Sarangi. A pilot was undertaken in Assam and Nilgiri that is nearing completion and can now be expanded throughout the country.

While the edible gardens will be complimented, those that are performing below the standards will be consulted on how they can make improvements. Quality assurance systems like ISO and HACCP will also be evaluated for these gardens.