Winters & Tea: An Eternal Love Affair

Many people across the globe like to wake up to a freshly brewed hot cup of tea. This ritual becomes all the more vital on cold winter mornings when tea becomes a source of warmth and comfort to beat the chill, especially in India where the majority cannot imagine a winter morning without a cup of #MyChai.

So what makes this relationship between tea and winters eternal? There’s something more than just the hot brew


Healthy & hearty mornings!

Tea is a great way to add to your healthy lifestyle. In winters, when your body is vulnerable to flu and cold, this wonderful brew provides the much-needed warmth

A drink full of warmth, love & energy

Snuggled in a blanket when it often becomes hard to step out of bed, your steaming cup of tea can prove to be an effective stimulant to charge you up for the day ahead. A morning brew gets you started whereas a late afternoon cup can give you a dash of energy and mental alertness to continue for a few more hours

Adding different flavors from your kitchen like some ginger or a few cardamoms can make a regular cup of tea really special. Traditionally, ginger has been used to support overall digestive health. Indeed, the aroma of tea helps in looking forward to the day

Spice it up and see the magic

Add a dash of spice to your cup of tea and it can be helpful to you. Try black tea with peppermint or lemongrass to experience one of its most flavorsome and effective forms.. Try Jaggery Tea and you will be surprised by its wonderful taste.

So, the winters are here and so is the tea. What are we waiting for?

Pour a rainbow from a teapot—

drink of happiness and love

warmth, calmness, and peace

breathe in the curling steam of dreams.

~Terri Guillemets

Hot brew