Indian Chai- From roadside to tea lounges


Indian Chai

A Tale of Traditional Indian Chai

Indian Chai has been brewing perfect moments for bonding for all of us for ages. Either be it spending some time with your partner or catching up with old friends or maybe some professional discussion with colleagues. But in the age of social media, when chit-chatting has taken a digital cover, tea conversations were almost in danger of fading away into oblivion.

But then, you know what a cup of Indian tea can do. To give people their sweet little tea-chats back, the roadside brew has entered the upscale, eclectic, and funky indoors in the form of tea cafes and lounges. Our ‘Indian Chai’ has found a cosy niche for itself in upmarket chai outlets, boutiques, and lounges

Most of these boutiques run full-house through-out the day. While their main clientele is youngsters, there is no dearth of business meetings and corporate bulk bookings. Though Indian Chai has been India’s favourite drink since eternity, what these tea lounges have done is to bring different varieties of it to the forefront.

With your regular ginger, cardamom, masala, paani Kum types right on the top of serving menus, these cafes also serve Darjeeling’s First Flush, Assam orthodox, Munnar Green, White Indian Chai, Nilgiri Oolong, Silver Needle for the connoisseurs. Some of them serve many varieties of Indian tea including some of the most exotic ones.

Interestingly, what makes these modern-day ‘Chai tapris’ special is their rootedness in old ways and traditions. They might have high-end, Wi-Fi enabled, air-conditioned interiors for hip youngsters but they still offer Indian Chai in clay pots better known as ‘Kulhars’ and cutting glasses along with quirky cutlery. They may offer cupcakes and pies but their sell-outs are always undoubtedly those samosas and bun-maskas.