Making the Most of a Tea Estate Visit

The Indian tea estates attract the lovers of tea and nature alike, and so, the opportunity to visit one, always promises to be memorable. There are thousands of tea estates employing millions of tea workers across the tea-producing regions in the country – Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Munnar, Sikkim, Kangra, Dooars Terai, and many more.

Here we are to help you out with a few tips to let you make the most of your visit to a tea estate:

  • Be prepared to ask questions
    The guides are usually from the estates and are happy to answer questions about the production process which is fascinating in itself. They also have a good knowledge to share about the rich and varied history of the estates. So be prepared with your queries.
  • Ensure accessibility
    Most estates are located away from urban centers, making accessibility a concern. Travel by road and rail should be planned well in advance. Once you are in the estates, you may attempt walking for few kilometers for a feel of adventure.
  • Be sure to time the visit carefully
    If you’re looking to take home photographs of the tea-pluckers at work, remember that there are several breaks during the day as well as the year. So visits during breaks, holidays, and dormant season should be avoided.