5 Amazing Facts about Tea We Bet You Didn’t Know

As the chilly winters creep in, one would want nothing more than to curl up in a blanket sipping a hot cup of tea. During a hectic day at work or for some quiet contemplation, tea is the only comfort beverage you’ll ever need. Our beloved tea is much more than just a drink; read on to discover five amazing facts that only a true tea aficionado would know!

  • It’s no secret that early morning tea cravings are a reality. Ever wondered what’s the reason behind this? Well, tea contains caffeine which is responsible for an increased level of alertness making you crave a cup of tea to kickstart your day.
  • Believe us when we say that tea can be your best companion during those exhausting all-nighters. You know now that caffeine is responsible for the sudden energy kick but there’s more. Tea is enriched with antioxidants which apart from being healthy also help prevent the much dreaded ‘caffeine crash’. Where there’s tea, there’s hope!
  • Our indigenous ‘Darjeeling tea’ is world-famous for its flavor and referred to as the ‘Champagne of teas.’ Wonder why? Well, it is highly valued because it is grown only in Darjeeling and that too within an area that’s less than 70 square miles large! This makes it a novelty among tea fanatics the world over.
  • Tea comes second only to water in terms of worldwide consumption and it was the most important reason for bridging the East-West divide. Tea has been a boon to the shipping industry as traders in earlier times worked to develop better and faster ships to transport as much tea as possible to the west.
  • While most of us might believe that slurping your tea is too tacky, there’s good reason to do so. It is believed that slurping increases the amount of oxygen in the tea, improving its flavor and allowing greater contact with your taste buds. So slurp away without shame!

After knowing these wonderful facts, we’re sure your love for tea grew a little more. So go on brew yourself a cup and let its taste take you on an imaginary voyage!